septiembre 7, 2018


Comentarios desactivados en Carthaginians

Together with France and Italy, Spain is one of the pillars of the global wine industry. More than a million hectares of land set aside for Spanish vineyards – it's much more than in other countries. Spain is the third stage in the world for wine production, as well as the ninth-for his consumption. Wine history of Spain closely linked with the history of Europe. According to archaeologists, it starts with the 3.4 BC. On the development of winemaking in the Spain were involved, the Phoenicians, and Carthaginians, but later, when the territory of Spain was already a component of the Roman Empire, Spain, wine and are widely used for its open spaces, as evidenced by archaeological excavations of settlements in Bordeaux, the Loire Valley and Normandy. Wine making in Spain did not cease in times of arrival of the Moors. Although, according to Muslim tradition, drinking wine and trading them were banned, it was part of the list goods subject to taxation, and that evidence of its existence.

End of the period was the beginning of the Moorish domination of Spanish renaissance of winemaking and its subsequent international fame, which, like other European wines began with the Spanish wine exports to England. In the 20th century in Spain came to civil war, during which suffered a wine-growing regions. Growth has resumed production of Spanish wines in the 50s already years, and soon all have rediscovered a taste of sherry and Rioja, and when in 1975 did not become the dictator Franco, a modernization of wineries, as well as, at exactly the time in Spain uvelichelas interest in production of high – quality wines.