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abril 22, 2015


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Che Guevara and the socialism repercussion in Latin America To speak inside on the construction of the idea of heroes of the media and in History, either it of Brazil or the world, was something very common during much time. Although, this practical is not more acceptable in the Historiografia, as well as in current the pedagogical and educational proposals. On the other hand, the media continues to exert this function. Amongst some personages who before the media had as hero and today has as humbug, detaches controversial the socialist Che Guevara, as focus of base for our quarrel. In first place, we need to world-wide know a little on the life of this known revolutionary leader as Che Guevara. Ernest woollen Guevara Serna is born in the Argentine city of Rosary in day 14 of June of 1928, in the seio of an aristocratic family, however of socialist ideas.

Since small he suffers attacks from asthma and therefore in 1932 if dumb one for the mountain ranges from Crdoba. He studied great part of basic education in house with its mother. In the library of its house it had workmanships of Marx, Engels and Lenin, to which if it made familiar in its adolescence. Ernest Guevara was formed in Medicine, for the college of the University of Buenos Aires. In July of 1953, he initiates its second trip for Latin America. In this chance he visits Bolivia, Peru, Equator, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala. When visiting the aboriginal copper mines, populations and the leprosrios, Ernest of the samples of its deep humanismo, go growing and exaggerating its revolutionary way to think and its firm antiimperialism. In Guatemala Hilda Gadea knows, with who if house and whose union its first son is born. According to it, ' ' the revolution was the only possible solution to finish with the existing social injustices in Latin America ' '.