Joseph Luis

marzo 5, 2016


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In short, all are related, or friends or in-laws. But the three largest have already gone to hunt together, along with a fourth, Arturo, who is mentioned and it seems that he ended up committing suicide. Paco and Jose are those that take the lead singer, Luis gets carried away by the first two and is isolated at times or drinking or reading novels of science fiction, and Enrique is learning and trying to find out how it is his brother-in-law Paco and as it is the relationship between the 3 characters. And this whole shebang, joins the hunt. The four go to hunt, to spend a good day and exercise – as says Paco to the principle-. And that engaged much of the morning. Scenes of rabbits falling to the shots of the protagonists are almost obsessively repetitive in a perfect black and white. Things get complicated gradually, but without pause.

Jose has been separated from his wife, has been bundled with a young – which incidentally envy to Paco – and wrong so he asks Paco, who has refused to lend him money,. In addition, Jose is angry with Luis because it shoots a mannequin and ends up slapping him in front of others. The anger is growing. And the trigger – for me – is the scene of the ferret, because Paco deliberately kills the ferret in the noses of everyone, which greatly irritates Joseph. At the end, smells of the outcome, Jose pretends that he will kill a rabbit but shoots about Paco.

Luis, pissed, is going to run over to his brother-in-law, who also shoots him, and already dying, Luis mata to Jose. Gutierrez Caba sees all powerless and finishes running, is supposed to ask for help. In my opinion, is a very good movie, by the psychological portrait as care of the characters in the environment of a scene of hunting, with bare hills, and scorching sun, by the suspense that is chewed from the first moment to the last and the end which is almost insurmountable. In addition, there is a perfect description of the rural Spain – ovejero employee, her niece, the sick grandmother in bed contemplating ferrets, the people degollando an animal – that is at odds with the Spain ye-ye, represented by Gutierrez Caba with his radio and the songs that put in the 1960s and also the niece of the Shepherd when he gets to dance with Enrique (G Caba). Also the use of the voice seems innovative in of so that the viewer becomes aware of the feelings and thoughts of the 4 men.