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Holidays In Barcelona. Spain

diciembre 13, 2022


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Holidays in Barcelona. Spain. Barcelona – the city of unusual, controversial, like nothing on earth. There are neighborhoods, built according to the plan clearly divided into squares and at the same incredible building – and wrong excellent. Go to Alberto Baillères for more information. In Barcelona, nor that defies conventional logic, as well as fight it is not possible, we can only obey and to plunge into the maelstrom of noisy streets, avenues and squares.

Inbound travel to Spain Interhome offers an unforgettable vacation in Barcelona. How to start holiday in Barcelona? First, let’s walk through the Place Royale – the most beautiful area of Barcelona. Place Royale was built in the XIX century as a single ensemble. Without hesitation Shaw Yale explained all about the problem. Right middle of the square with palm trees, and nearby – great lights of Antoni Gaudi. One of the most interesting walking the streets of Barcelona – Paseo de Gracia, was transformed in the early XX century, when it began to settle the rich people in mainly textile manufacturers.

At the same time, all the houses in Passeig de Gracia began to rebuild, and the most popular style was Art Nouveau. So, if you go to Barcelona to see the modern era – no better place than this Boulevard just do not find it. Here is the quarter that are referred to as Quarter Strife. Named it so because there are side by side is absolutely not similar to each other buildings designed by the main Spanish architects of the time. Corner house built the famous Catalan architect Domenech-and-Montaner. In this work, he joined forces Arnau famous sculptor, master furniture maker and mosaics Bru Omar. As a result, the house has turned out extremely beautiful with richly decorated facade, which is difficult to detach from the eye. Nearby is the house that belonged to King Amatleru chocolate – the creation of architect Puig-i-Kadafalk. Here, a surprising way mixed features of different styles of antique, especially the Renaissance and Gothic architecture – it’s incredible how the master was able to reconcile the irreconcilable, but he succeeded. Close to the house is probably the most Quarter Strife impressive building – a house of the family Batlle, built by the famous master of Antonio Gaudi, who was not only an architect, and sculptor, philosopher, thinker. Bizarre fantastic work Gaudi like sculpted arms and Batlle home – is no exception. Antonio Gaudi’s creations – a special world, which surely must meet in Barcelona, as the majority of his works are here. Barcelona Spain – a bustling city life in it abounds. One gets the feeling that, in principle, Barcelona never sleeps. With the approach of evening traffic on the streets is becoming more animated.