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Wallets And Purses For Women – History

octubre 15, 2015


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These days, everyday men and women accessories such as purse, business card holders, wallets and purses have become part of everyday life and often do not give a reason to reflect on their origins. However, as with all things, a purse and purses have a story. History Wallets originates almost from the ancient times, when people began to carry their possessions in the prototype of modern purses and handbags. As a rule, the ancient images of people show their belted similar accessories that in those days it was convenient and practical. Men's wallets and men's belt purse appeared in Europe in the 12th century during the Crusades. Most often, such a thing hanging from his belt and a traveler is dumb testament to his ability to pay. As a belt or rope is used, or a piece of leather, worn by the hip or waist man. Similar object, the toilet was very important and indispensable for carrying wallets, keys, beads and daggers. In the early 15 th century British artists painted the wealthy men, dressed in a beautiful and eye-catching belt with attached wallets. Thus, the image King Henry the Sixth, referring to the middle of the century, shows him wearing a bright red waist belt is attached to a gold purse. Women's Wallets Women began to use such enhancements for 16 th century. Their skirts, while inflated an incredible way to force the rule of the Elizabethan style, both in architecture and in fashion. Lady's purse was attached to the narrowed part of a skirt, resembling a drum, and hid in a large fold of fabric. Men sixteenth century, also wore purses, located in the back of the trousers or pants, took cover from the increased size of tissue in this part. However, the most widely used purses received in the seventeenth century, when came into fashion jackets and together with the accompanying fashion items. A new type of purse – as a result of new fashion Women's fashion has undergone a tremendous transformation after the French Revolution 1789 – 1799gg. Incredibly broad, barrel-shaped skirts gave way completely opposite – narrow columnar in the style of classical Greece. Moreover, the illuminating translucent tissue contributed the emergence of a new style in wearing clothes – no underwear or with the minimum amount. Immediately the question arose – where to hide a purse? Solution were small handbags – handbags, which are replaced by the former purses. Such accessory delayed cord, in different variations made in the form of steel mesh, decorated with dangling colored frames, or a round with tape strings, decorated with feathers. Summing a little up, do not hesitate to note the following: whatever the enhancement of their design, style and origin, the female purse and Wallets occupy a worthy place among the modern day to day accessory rights.

Leather Portfolios

septiembre 7, 2015


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Most of the portfolios of business (in English – briefcases) evolved from soft backpacks used for carrying money and valuables in the 14th century. They were called the English word "budget", that one of values – stock. The word in its turn, was converted from two other Irish and Latin origin, meaning "leather bag". At 1826g in Paris first appeared holdall in the construction of which was used metal frame. Then followed by the bag and the bag for golfa.I finally emerged known today portfolios with a metal frame basis.

Its name "briefcases" they received, of course, for the purpose of use of their lawyers to be worn with a Legal Affairs (English briefs). Types of portfolios "Portfolio" or a business directory, a portfolio represents a case without handles for carrying in hand or under your arm. The name comes from the Italian word "portare", meaning – to wear and "foglio" – a sheet. "Folio case" – that same folder with only retractable handles. "Attache case" – a flat briefcase for carrying business papers (diplomat).

This portfolio were diplomatic officers who served in the embassies and consulates. Enhancement occurred on the road suitcase that was used in the 19th century – a small flat leather suitcase on the basis of dense cardboard. Smaller version later became a diplomat. Development and transformation of portfolios can trace the history of Development of leather accessories, leading to the modern portfolio. It is easy to see that early rigid rectangular suitcases, briefcases were driven modern – soft leather, often with a shoulder remnyami.Poslednie are more roomy – as they can stretch up to a certain extent. In addition, they look presentable than its predecessors. In addition, in the modern fashion appeared portfolios, sewn especially for wearing of personal computers – laptops. Well, mankind remains to be seen on the developments and changes in fashion leather briefcases.