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agosto 23, 2016


Comentarios desactivados en Badoo Account

It is not to have any objection with this social network platform, they caught me in the past and having to open another account in addition to the 3 emails, Facebook, Messenger, etc. It made me all more time-consuming. But I gave up desist and enables an account. Many people had told me how easy that is to be able to get to establish a close relationship with some girl through this medium.

In fact my former colleagues met their current boyfriends hereby and apparently are serious people that have established a good relationship. Enter on Badoo, and after filling out a brief profile, I immediately shelled messages of people who apparently wanted to contact me, but were no more than status updates, there I realized that it was necessary to immediately join the Badoo settings: among the many privacy options appeared the receive updates from other people, which immediately disable, because the amount of messages that arrived was yawning. After this, I kept browsing Badoo: it gave me the feeling of being in front of thousands of photo albums and the idea is that a little: publish hundreds of photos, because while you upload more better, which people can see, vote for them, qualify you and send you comments and greetings through your images. What caught my attention was once you close your session and log in to Badoo, is not necessary to have an account to view the profiles of others and examine their photographs, which seemed quite impersonal and not serious. Clear, the record has the utility that you can reply to messages and link you socially, but thus and all images become public. Immediately perceived the little security around that. People search is interesting: If you click where it says search, can access a map of the world where you can select the country and any of the different cities to see those who are connected.

In addition if you want to know those who are close to you, also you can find out in this option. The instant messaging option is as effective as the Windows Live Messenger: you can chat even while not connected and to get your messages want whom, which can be seen once the person is connected. The limitations of this platform, in addition to those mentioned at the beginning, have to do mainly with its interface, which is quite neglected to be a page so current and so sought-after. The one that has as default is what happens in many social networks and that is the ease of being able to establish a fake profile. In general appear many profiles and images of people who are actually false and seek flirt because Yes, or just make fun of other people. This detract enough seriousness to the issue, moreover that many people come to be quite offensive when are simply waving, which also speaks of the kind of people around for this page. In general Spanish Badoo is a good platform to meet people, but It should have patience to some of these people and be careful about what they raise, because it does not enjoy great security.