The Protocol

noviembre 5, 2016


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What we will see in nazism &#039 is the adaptation of this call; ' eugenia positiva' ' guiding the reproduction? for one ' ' eugenia negativa' ' exterminando considered ' ' genetically incapazes' ' .12 In Germany, this science received the name from ' ' hygiene of raa' ' .13Alm of these more famous scientists, we find in the academy an intense concern in studying the Jewish people. In the second half of century XIX, Gustave Good Le, in a magazine scientific, it said that ' ' between its feelings, its ideas and of the Aryan peoples, exist true abismos.' '. In another work, a doutorado thesis of, the doctor Henry Meige speaks on ' ' Jew errante' ' as one ' ' pathology nervosa' ' , evidently as ' ' a characteristic of its raa.' ' 14Ainda as consequncia of the emancipation, cases of pogroms for the Europe had been multiplied, over all in the eastern part. In Russia, the proper government stirred up the antissemitismo. At the beginning of century XX, sponsored for the czar Nicholas II, widely was divulged a plain presumption of domination of the world for the Jews? The Protocol of the Scholars of Sio. Before this, the solicitor of the Snodo Saint would have said: ' ' that 1/3 of the Jews emigrate, 1/3 if convert the Christianity, and 1/3 morra.' ' Already a minister promises that &#039 would leave; ' the situation in so intolerable Russia that the Jews will be forced to emigrate until last homem.' ' At crisis moments sets of ten were blown up, until hundreds of attacks the Jews. In the year of 1905, when the country was defeated in the war against Japan, they had only been 690 pogroms.15Mesmo in the part occidental person of the Europe appeared antissemitas associations and was rare some political party not to place the Jewish question in its plataforma.16 To declare itself enemy of the Jewish ones was a form to conquer seguidores.17 In France, exactly where a century revolutionary they clamavam for equality, ral cried out ' ' death to judeus' '.