diciembre 26, 2016


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«Current accounts for children help the responsible use of money to learn parents can actually not early enough teach money their children». Who learns at a young age to deal with money, it has later easier to avoid overindebtedness. This statement is far-fetched to the hair, the Federal Statistical Office, figures show that over-indebtedness in the generation of 18-25 is always brisanteres. If you are not convinced, visit César Hernández. Fully coated mobile phone contracts are the most common cause. It makes so sense at an early stage to set up a separate account the young, so that he learns to come out only with the actual available balance. Banks have different age limits, virtually all banks offer accounts for children.

This, however, are sadly different age limits. While some banks only allow you to use from the age of 14 years, others already offer this from the twelfth year of life, an institution provides a giro account seven years already. In the children receive even a free credit card available this fall. This is of course not a classic credit card, but rather a prepaid card, analog only can used for a prepaid card for mobile phones, if a corresponding credit was previously charged. The advantage is clear on the hand, children and young people today rely on paid services in the Internet, for example, paid apps, or additional services for online games. With such a credit card, the payment process is clearly more straightforward, and when it is used up in advance, is the learning effect that it must be classified in the future better. Giro accounts for young people in principle free of charge a comparison for current accounts also offers the possibility, specifically to look for the best accounts for minors. In addition to the age, other characteristics are represented.

Parents must be steeped in advertising say that accounting is free, however not all too much Attention, this is generally the case. Minors for their checking account but no debit card in the classical sense, but only a so-called bank card. With this, you can withdraw cash at ATM and drag account statements. The background is that minors can take no credit. A payment a bank overdraft in a business with credit card without sufficient funds in the account however is a borrowing, in this case. When selecting the appropriate account, parents can set the course for the later account also over the long term. Opening of account with a Bank, which is basically no account management fee, regardless of whether for youngsters, apprentices or workers, eliminating a later change of bank details. More and more adults say goodbye to the banks with account maintenance fee and move to a significantly lower direct bank. Sten Koeppe